Foto: Victoria Muchnyk

Professional development as an artist

Her great musical competence was discovered very early on. She
obtained her first piano- lessons at the age of five years.

She passed her school years by attending the special music school of
Prof. Walerij Koslow for highly gifted and talented children in Kiew.

She performed for the first time as a soloist at an orchestra concert
when she was 11. She gave her first solo-concert at the Philharmonie
in Kiew at the age of 14.

Subsequently she won several First Awards at regional and national contests.

After finishing school Victoria Muchnyk studied at the Tschaikowski Music Academy of Ukraine, continuing to be taught by Professor Walerij Koslov.

Since 1995, by invitation of the international Mozart-Academy, she studied in Krakow and Warsaw. She gave several chamber concerts in Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw.

In 1997 she continued her studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hanover University of Music and Drama), being a student of Professor Bernd Goetzke. There she passed the Diplomprüfung (final examination) in 2000, obtaining the final grade “very good”.

Ever since she has been attending – and still is - a postgraduate course in the soloist class of Professor Goetzke in order to complete her professional formation.

Victoria Muchnyk participated in several important piano contests, most lately in 2006 at the Pablo Casals Festival in Prades (France). Among the various awards she won, the following deserve special mention:

  • The special award for the best performance of the composition “Gaspar de la Nuit” by Murice Ravel at the Pierre Lantier Piano Contest in Paris in 1995;
  • and the silver medal at the piano contest Palma d`oro 2001 in Finale Ligure (Italy).

For quite some time Victoria Muchnyk is successfully and extensively active as a solo-pianist in Germany.

She celebrated great successes in Bonn, Cologne, Hanover, Badenweiler, Bad Kissingen, Göttingen and Kassel and other places.

Also her current programmes comprising “Schumann und seine Zeit (Schumann and his period), ”Schubert und das 20. Jahrhundert“ (Schubert and the 20th century), as well as ”Lieben Sie Chopin?” (Do you love Chopin?) prove that she is a many-sided and excellent pianist with a distinctive musical perception and an extraordinary artistic potential.

Diplomas and other special documents

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Grafik: Diplom der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover Grafik: Diplom der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover Grafik: Diplom Goldene Palme Grafik: Zertifikat Professor Heisser, Paris

Grafik: Zertifikat Rencontres Musicales de Gaillard